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Technical Analysis

Trading styles on Forex in relation to technical analysis

     Opponents of technical analysis always come out with the argument that chart is self-fulfilling prophecy, since all profiteers can see identical formations on it. That’s not true. Diversity of trading styles on...

Forex Support and Resistance

Support and resistance is one of the most commonly used concepts in the Forex trading. However, most traders have their own way of measuring support and resistance. Many a times, it can lead to...

Types of charts

Chart is an analytical basic trader tool on Forex. The price it is possible to describe graphically in different configurations. Bar and candlestick line charts are included in the most popular types of charts....

Types of Trends in Forex

In the Forex market, trends reflect the average rate of change in price over time. A trend is a useful indicator of where the market is headed and offers an opportunity to take action...

What is the Technical Analysis?

     At what point it is worthwhile to buy the investment vehicle in order to earn at minimal risk? It’s the most important question asked by traders operating on the currency market. In...